Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top Ten Halloween Movies

My Personal Favorites Will Scare the Pants Off of You on Halloween
Halloween and movies go hand in hand. Halloween is not only a time for costumes and treats but a time when we all enjoy indulging in a little terror.
Horror movies abound and I’ve loved many of them. Based on my own preferences and personal viewing history, these are my favorite movies to watch at Halloween. I wonder how many of these scary Halloween movies are on your list too. In descending order, they are:
Top Ten Halloween Movies - #10
The Ring (2002)- The remake of a Japanese film starring Naomi Watts has plenty of jump-out-of-your-seat moments. While the idea that watching a videotape could cause your death seems preposterous, give the movie a few minutes and it will suck you right in. Once you watch the tape, your remaining lifetime is seven days. Strange things begin happening and your clock is ticking. Rachel (Watts) starts investigating the source of the tape and a way to stop its curse but will she find the answers in time? Watch this movie on Halloween and find out for yourself.
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