Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Ten Veteran’s Day Movies: WWI

Movies that embody the reasons we honor our fighting men and women of WWI on Veteran’s Day make my personal top ten list.

Veteran’s Day is a time for honoring those who have served and died for our country and these movies exemplify that sacrifice. This top ten list focuses on World War I and the men and women of that era. Courage, patriotism and bravery are the key features in all of these movies about World War I. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962) The epic tale of the life of T.E. Lawrence as portrayed by Peter O’Toole follows the man through several battles as he faces conflict over his allegiance to his own country and army and his feelings for the tribal Arabian people he has come to know. The movie is considered a classic and has a memorable soundtrack.

Gallipolli (1981) A youthful Mel Gibson is joined by Mark Lee in this movie about the men who join the Australian Army during World War I and end up in Turkey during the Gallipolli Campaign. The film examines the romance of war and how the realities of it bear little resemblance to the dreams the men once held. Read More

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