Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Favorite Movies about Angels

Movies about angels are a varied lot. There are sweet, kind angles, goofball angels and deadly, menacing angels. Whatever your preference, there’s an angel movie here to suit your tastes. These are some of my favorite films featuring celestial beings.

Nicholas Cage & Meg Ryan in 'City of Angels'

Angel Movie #10: Constantine -  2005 – Tilda Swinton plays one of several angels in this movie filled with half angels and half-demons, waging a battle for control of Earth. Her portrayal of Gabriel is androgynous and she guides the main character in his efforts to set things right before his imminent death from lung cancer. More sci-fi than religious, this film is based on the comic book series Hellblazer


~elaine said...

Hi there! I think I've seen all the movies on the list but 2. Found your blog over at A to Z. Look forward to reading more in the days to come.

Francene Stanley said...

I love thoughts about angels. I'd like to see this movie. Blog on!

Anonymous said...

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