Saturday, April 9, 2011

“E” Is for ‘Everybody Loves Whales’

Photo by Caroline Bonarde Ucci at Wikimedia Commons
In my quest to find an “E” title, I had to search in the upcoming projects department to find something suitable. “Everybody Loves Whales” is currently slated for 2012 but just eyeballing the cast got my radar on alert.
Production company Anonymous Content is doing the picture and has already signed on Kristen Bell, Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, Dermot Mulroney and Ted Danson.
The plot line follows the efforts of a nonprofit aid worker and a government worker as they join forces to free three California gray whales that have become trapped under the ice of the Arctic circle. The two, naturally become romantically involved.
The movie is currently being listed as a romance/drama but I could find no trailers to share with you at this time. I’ll keep my eye on it as this has potential.


Anonymous said...

Great cast--that one has potential! I pretty much love everything hat Drew Barrymore does. :O)

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