Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“I” Is for ‘Immortals’

Mickey Rourke, photo by nicogenin on Wikimeda Commons

Mickey Rourke has been busy in recent history, churning out five films in the last two years. In November, he will be seen as King Hyperion, the Titan Hyperion disguised as the king of Crete. This role finds him playing a villain moving his army across ancient Greece in search of the legendary Bow of Epirus. Should they secure the bow, Hyperion will be able to defeat the Gods of Olympus and rule the world.

Henry Cavill, most recently from the Showtime series, ‘The Tudors,’ and soon to be seen as the new man of Steel in the upcoming 2012 release of “Superman,” plays Theseus, founder and King of Athens. He is the hero in this film bringing Greek mythology to the 3D screen.

For fans of fantasy, this rendition of the battle against the titans should enthrall. Check out the trailer to see what you think.