Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 5 Volcano Movies

Disaster movies allow us to live vicariously though the heroes and heroines as they battle overwhelming odds to survive the worst Mother Nature can throw at them and volcano movies are among the most violent and terrifying.
Most of us don’t live anywhere near a volcano and movies about volcanoes are as close as we will ever get, thankfully. Still, there is something about the sight of an erupting mountaintop and the creeping terror of lava as it engulfs everything it touches in flames, which sets the blood to boiling. These are great popcorn flicks, loaded in most cases with mounting tension and great special effects.
“Volcano” (1997) Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche lend their acting talents to this disaster drama set in Los Angeles. A volcano beneath the La Brea Tar Pits unleashes molten fury on the unsuspecting city. The lave displays an almost evil intelligence as it thwarts efforts to stop its progress by resorting to underground tunnels, causing new problems for those trying to contain its destructive energy. As the lava creeps down streets, swallowing (and melting) everything in its path, Mike Roark (Jones) tries to save the city and its population. In spite of the sometimes unbelievable events, “Volcano” sucks you in. Rated PG-13, “Volcano” runs 1 hour, 45 minutes.
“Dante’s Peak” (1007) As is Hollywood’s custom, why do one disaster movie on a theme when two will do just as well. For me, “Dante’s Peak” is the more believable of the 2 stories. Pierce Brosnan plays Harry Dalton, a volcanologist (and no, he doesn’t study Spock and his fellow Vulcans) has already lost a woman he loved to a volcano for not trusting his instincts and getting out in time. Now he’s sent to the remote idyllic town of Dante’s Peak nestled under the shadow of a sleeping volcano to check out some unusual activity. Here he meets Mayor Rachel Wando played charmingly by Linda Hamilton. The two are pulled into the drama as Harry comes to believe Rachel’s little paradise is about to become the next Vesuvius. Excellent special effects and a decent story make “Dante’s Peak” one great volcano movie. Rated PG-13, “Dante’s Peak runs 1 hour, 49 minutes.
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