Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Romantic New Year’s Eve Movies

Whether you are happily ensconced in a relationship or just want to be, romantic movies featuring New Year’s Eve bring out the romantic side in all of us.
New Year’s Eve is all about romance and new beginnings and so are these top 5 movies. In some cases the promise of romance on New Year’s Eve is a central point of the movies and in others it is simply a poignant moment. But it is the poignant moments that make life as well as movies memorable. So pop open the cork on the  champagne, curl up on the couch, preferably with a loved one and watch a couple of romantic movies featuring New Year’s Eve, this New Year’s Eve!
When Harry Met Sally” (1989) - Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal give memorable performances as the title characters in this film about relationships between men and women. Friends for years, the two find themselves finally drawn to one another but fear having sex together would ruin their friendship. The climactic scene takes place on New Year’s Eve as the clock is ticking down to midnight and is a heart-pounding romantic moment that can convert even the most disbelieving person into a romantic soul
Someone Like You” (2001) Ashley Judd has been jilted by her boyfriend (Greg Kinnear) and her bruised ego wants some answers. Studying the human heart and males in particular, she writes a sex-column and berates the male gender in total. Along the way, she meets the affable Eddie Alden (Hugh Jackman) but doesn’t realize until New Year’s Eve that he’s the one.

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