Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Top Ten Tear Jerker Romance Movies for Valentine’s Day

Top ten romance movies that are sure to make you reach for the tissues.
When a romantic movie makes you cry, it has touched a place in your heart that holds your dreams, your memories, your most tender thoughts. Valentine’s Day can be a time to reach into that soft, gooey place and get in touch with our feelings and these movies will help you do just that. I picked these because they are my personal favorites, each guaranteed to your tear ducts well up.
Tear Jerker Romance Movie #10: The Horse Whisperer
A terrible accident leaves a teenage girl and the horse she loves traumatized. The girl’s mother, Annie,  takes them to Montana to see the “horse whisperer”, a man who reportedly has a gift for communicating with horses. Annie’s time on the ranch opens her eyes to a different, quieter world where life isn’t all about schedules and cell phones. She falls in love with the horse whisperer, a man with emotional scars of his own and must choose between her husband and family and a life that calls to her from an inner place, a place she longs to share with the horse whisperer. Robert Redford is divinely understated and Kristin Scott Thomas undergoes a brilliant transformation from uptown chic to down home girl. Sam Neill tugs at your heart strings as the devoted husband who comes to realize he may be losing the best thing that’s ever happened to him. A young Scarlett Johansson also stars. PG-13, 1998, 168 mins.

Tear Jerker Romance Movie #9: Ghost
Even more tragic now that the world has lost Patrick Swayze, Ghost tells the story of Sam and Molly, a  young couple deeply in love who are torn apart by Sam’s seemingly random murder. Sam is unwilling to leave Molly and stays in his ghostly form but is unable to communicate with her until he discovers the services of Oda Mae Brown, a psychic. With her help, he works to discover why he was killed and to protect Molly. The final minutes of the movie when the two are briefly reunited is one of the moments that will make you cry no matter how many times you see it. Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, who won her Oscar for the role, round out the cast.  PG-13, 1990, 127

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