Friday, January 28, 2011

Top Romance Movies of 2010

Which romantic comedies and tear-jerking dramas from 2010 made the top movies list? If sappy or silly love stories are your thing, the top romantic films of 2010 will give you plenty to love.
Movies with a romantic theme are among some of the most popular films every year and 2010 is no different. From hysterical comedies like “The Bounty Hunter” and “The Back Up Plan” to tear-jerkers like “Dear John”, romantic movies abound in 2010. There’s even an entry with a supernatural twist. SO pop the popcorn, snuggle with your cuddle partner or grab the comforter and the box of tissues and sit back with some of the best romantic films of 2010.
“When in Rome” – Kristen Bell of “Heroes” fame stars as a young woman who doesn’t believe in love. She flies to Italy to attend her sister’s wedding and meets someone special (Josh Duhamel). When she sees a woman fawning over him at a fountain purported to grant wishes to the lovelorn, she is crushed and climbs into the fountain. She selects 5 coins from the fountain, declaring she will spare these individuals the disappoint that comes from hoping for love by removing the coins they used to make their wishes. Almost immediately she is inexplicably pursued by all sorts of men, including the man of her dreams. Believing him to be under the fountain’s spell, she rejects him and nearly destroys her chance of happiness.

“Bounty Hunter” - Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are a divorced couple, she a reporter chasing an explosive story, he a bounty hunter on her tail for failure to appear in court over an assault charge. She tries to outwit and out run him at every turn. His heart was so broken when she left him that turning her in is the perfect justice. Along the way, they learn a few things about one another and see each other in a different light.

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