Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcoming Horror Movies for 2011

Horror Movies to Look Forward to in 2011

Fans of horror movies have much to look forward to in 2011. Several horror movie franchises have sequels and even a prequel coming out. A remake or two are on the horizon and several new films are poised to scare the pants off of us. Let's take a look at what terror awaits us in 2011

"Season of the Witch" - Nicolas Cage as a medieval Crusader tasked with escorting a witch, believed to have caused the Black Plague which has devastated the country, to an abbey where her powers can be destroyed. The knight, along with several others in his party, battle wilderness and each other over their ideas of what should happen to the girl. What awaits them at the abbey will threaten the knight's pledge to see the girl is treated fairly and facing a foe whose evil could alter the future of the world. Set to open January 7, 2011

"Black Death" - In Hollywood tradition, a second movie is in the works on the theme of the black plague and the supernatural. This horror movie features Sean Bean as Ulric, a monk sent to find out if the rumors of the dead returning to life in a small village are true. Set in England during the onset of the bubonic plague, Ulric discovers the village's ruler may have made a pact with the dark side. Set to open March 11, 2011

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